What is RTI2-B?

Tennessee schools have a new initiative called RTI2-B. It is short for Response to Instruction and Intervention for Behavior. The goal of RTI2-B is to improve the school climate and to help students be as successful as possible at school. RTI2-B provides a structure for establishing clear expectations for behavior and helping every person in the building model those expectations. Every student gets to participate in RTI2-B. One important way students can participate in RTI2-B is to be on a student leadership team. If your school has a student leadership team, ask your teacher how you can get involved. If your school does not have a student leadership team, ask your teacher if there is a way to start a team. Remember, RTI2-B is intended to help students be successful both academically and socially, so student input and participation is the key to success!!!

How to Get Involved with RTI2-B

  • Provide feedback to your school’s student leadership team
  • Complete surveys about rewards and school events
  • Give your teachers and administrators ideas about rewards and events
  • Join your school’s student leadership team if positions are open
  • Participate in RTI²-B events at your school

Ideas for Student Leadership Team Involvement for Teaching Expectations

  • Create videos for teaching expectations
  • Organize an expectations poster contest
  • Design bulletin boards about school-wide expectations
  • Help plan and lead RTI²-B kickoff at the beginning of the school year

Ideas for Student Leadership Team Involvement for Acknowledgement System

  • Help copy and cut tickets for teachers
  • Help collect tickets from classrooms each week if tickets are collected for the school
  • Help plan school-wide events and celebrations

Student Involvement for Community Awareness

  • Make signs to distribute in the community
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Help maintain the RTI²-B information on the school website