Supportive communication across collaborators should not be viewed as a top-down approach, but instead should facilitate a structured two-way feedback loop that will improve practices.

Tennessee Tiered Supports Center

Provides technical assistance to build local capacity to implement and align Tennessee’s frameworks for student support, RTI2-A and RTI2-B and to provide coordinated technical assistance with TN-TAN partners.

District Coordinator, Coaches and Leadership Team (DLT)

The purpose of the Districts Leadership Team, District Coordinators and District Leaders is to align district infrastructures. They also coordinate training, coaching, and feedback. Additionally, they guide the selection and use of assessments and instructional practices.

School Leadership Team

The School Leadership Team’s purpose is to lead school implementation efforts and provide feedback to the DLT (District Leadership Team). They also support data-based decision-making at school and student levels and guide the selection and use of evidence-based instructional practices.

School Staff

The purpose of the school staff is to support all learners, use data to match instructional practices to student need, provide feedback to school leaders, and to engage families and students.

Students and Families

We aren’t thinking about Students and Families as a specific team, but instead a group of stakeholders who engage in decision-making and learning opportunities and to provide feedback to school staff and leadership team.