District Teams

Sustaining RTI2-A and RTI2-B in a school requires systemic support beyond an individual school. It is important to organize multiple schools at the district level so that a common vision, language, and experience are established. The implementation of tiered support frameworks emphasizes the essential role of the District Leadership Team. This team is the key to both high fidelity and sustainability of implementation.

The primary goal of the District Leadership Team is to ensure the success of all students through high quality instruction, interventions, and support. The District Leadership Team also leads the district’s action planning process, guides the assessment process, coordinates training, coaching, and evaluation activities related to RTI2 and RTI2-B, and creates changes in district procedures that will support long-term and efficient use of the frameworks.

If your school district is interested in creating a district-wide plan for aligning RTI2 and RTI2-B, you should create a district team and discuss your training and implementation plan. If you are interested in more information about the Tennessee TSC, please contact us for more information.