Please join us in congratulating the districts that are receiving our inaugural Groundbreakers Award! Districts that partnered with Tennessee TSC during the 2022-2023 school year were eligible for the RTI2-A + RTI2-B Groundbreakers Award.

This award recognizes districts for their initial actions, planning, decisions, and hard work that led to breaking new ground while aligning their tiered frameworks. Through self-assessment, action planning, and district-wide professional development, these districts have demonstrated a commitment to RTI2-A + RTI2-B and meaningful change.


Congratulations to the 2022 -2023 Groundbreakers!

East Tennessee: Bristol City Schools, Carter County Schools
Middle Tennessee: Lebanon Special School District, Rutherford County Schools
West Tennessee: Dyer County Schools, Lake County Schools


About the Groundbreakers Recognition Award:

Districts partnering with Tennessee TSC during the 2022-2023 school year will be eligible for a recognition award meant for initial stages of RTI2-A + RTI2-B implementation: RTI2-A + RTI2-B Groundbreakers Award.

A district establishes a partnership by signing an Agreement of Collaboration with Tennessee TSC and engages with our center’s comprehensive technical assistance and training. Once Tennessee TSC determines that a partnering district meets the criteria, Tennessee TSC will invite the District Leadership Team to apply for the Groundbreakers Award by sharing evidence of breaking new ground towards RTI2-A + RTI2-B implementation. Specifically, districts will need to provide evidence in two parts.

Part one includes evidence of progress towards their one-year RTI2-A + RTI2-B District Implementation Plan goals. Part two includes district responses to reflective questions.

For more detail information, please download the following resources.