As we continue in a school year that has been fluid in its presentation models, the TBSP continues to develop resources to support our schools. With the knowledge that many of our parents are essential workers, we recognize that some of our students are supported by community agencies (churches, community centers, etc.) during the day. As a result, TBSP created a Community Resource Packet (CPR) that teachers and parents can share with their community partners.

This packet contains resources and materials for community partners to use in supporting students with virtual instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. These materials can all be manipulated or adapted to the contexts of each community partner. The resources encompass both behavior and academic support. There are resources that are developed to help maintain behaviors and set expectations, using the Response to Instruction and Intervention framework. They will focus on setting expectations that all students can follow. There are also links and helpful tips provided to websites that will help with reteaching skills, tutoring and academic options for students who have completed their school work during their academic work time.

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