Recognizing DCAT Completion

The District Capacity Assessment–Tennessee (DCAT) allows District Leadership Teams to examine district-level systems and practices necessary for effective RTI2-A + RTI2-B implementation in schools. The assessment is designed to promote self-reflection so that barriers to effective implementation can be identified and addressed through an RTI2-A + RTI2-B implementation plan.

The assessment includes 41 items that indicate aligned implementation of RTI2-A and RTI2-B. The items are grouped by four components that are essential to both tiered support systems: Leadership, Data-Based Decision Making, Instruction and Intervention, and Assessment. To complete the assessment, District Leadership Teams use a scoring rubric to evaluate and reach consensus on the status of each item. The assessment is completed each school semester (i.e., fall and spring, or every 6 months) to monitor progress.

Tennessee TSC is pleased to recognize the following districts for their successful completion of the DCAT:

East TN:

  • Athens City Schools
  • Bristol City Schools
  • Carter County Schools

Middle TN:

  • Rutherford County Schools
  • Murfreesboro City Schools
  • Lebanon Special School District
  • Maury County Public School

West TN:

  • Lake County Schools
  • Dyer County Schools

If you would like to learn more about the DCAT, please click here to contact one of our regional technical assistance teams.