During the school year did you notice data that indicated your district or school may need additional curricula or resources for supporting students? For example, in one district during the pandemic, universal screening scores indicated that there was a greater need for supporting students with strategies for coping with anxiety across all K-12. But what did they already have in school sites to support this need? Or did they need to look into purchasing a new curriculum that could be infused into homerooms and morning meeting times?

As we begin planning for the upcoming school year, it is the perfect time to take stock of what needs our students may have and what resources we already have that could be supportive. This is where the idea of resource mapping comes in! Resource mapping is the act of taking a structured inventory of all resources and curricula you may have within a school district or even just within one school site. This is that time when enlisting the support of your school-based Marie Kondo comes in handy – what’s hiding in those closets and basements? Is there a rich social emotional learning curriculum that we have on campus that we never realized we were sitting on?  

You may be wondering, how will you know if the resources that you’ve unearthed on campus are adequate to meet your students’ needs? This is when the Tier II Intervention Audit can become your greatest ally. Use this tool to review the intervention to determine if it meets the research-based criteria of a quality intervention.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to update you Tier II Intervention Grid too! This should be located in your Tier II Implementation Manual, but it can also be accessed using the link at the bottom of this page.

While taking inventory of all the curricula on campus or in an entire district may seem daunting, if time is taken on the front-end it becomes not only an invaluable reference for schools and district teams, but it ultimately ensures that interventions are matched to student need and are provided in a timely manner. It is our recommendation that once the initial inventory has been completed, schools and school districts should conduct resource mapping at least once per year while making sure to add any new curricula that was purchased during the year to the inventory.

Click on the following links to access the resources mentioned above:  

District Resource Mapping Activity  

School Resource Mapping Activity 

Tier II Intervention Audit 

Tier II Intervention Grid