RTI2-B Implementation

We recently held a Tiers I & II TFI Training for members of the district team and team leads who complete the TFI without a district coach.

If you would like to review these materials before your Spring TFI, click on the box marked “Data Tools” on the unlocked Tier I Page of our website.

Please let us know if you would like to view the recording!

Success Stories

We are showcasing the work of RTI2-B teams, schools, and districts across Middle Tennessee through various platforms such as social media and our website. Be sure to follow us @TBSPVanderbilt on Twitter and Facebook, and review the Success Stories page on our website for ideas you can use!

Do you wish your school was represented after reading these? So do we! Please share your Success Story with us by completing this form. We would love to highlight you!

SOR/MOD Recognition  

Earlier this month we mailed RTI2-B Model of Demonstration School Banners and School of Recognition Certificates to your district. We are working with District Coordinators to make sure they are delivered to recognized schools. Start thinking about where to hang them and please share a photo with us!

March Implementor Spotlight

Kim Turner and her RTI2-B team at Sequatchie County Middle School used data to identify the needs of their students. They used these data to develop a school-wide intervention to target internalizing behaviors affecting middle school students.

Click here to learn more about the strategies they taught all their students to better cope with stress.


Thank you for encouraging your faculty and staff to complete the Primary Intervention Rating Scale (PIRS) Survey. Our team is compiling the results and will be sending each school a PIRS report summarizing their data in the next month. As you prepare to discuss the PIRS report with your team, click here to better understand how to interpret and use your PIRS data.
Regardless of your learning model, attendance is critical for student success. Tracking attendance data for in-person, hybrid, and virtual learners is important, but sometimes it can be hard to determine next steps. Click here to learn about interventions that can be implemented to support attendance for all students.
Due to public health guidelines, many of you are planning to complete the Spring TFI through electronic platforms such as Zoom. Consider reviewing this brief created by the Center on PBIS with specific guidelines on conducting the TFI and Walkthrough remotely.


The Center on PBIS created a brief on how to embed Culturally Responsive Practices within Tier I. Click here to read about strategies that are critical in removing barriers and providing access to education for all students.

As you align social, emotional, and behavioral supports within your RTI2-B framework, it can sometimes require extra planning to think about how to best do this for students receiving Tier II and Tier III interventions. The National Center on Intensive Intervention created this helpful resource with specific strategies to support all students. 

It is no secret that we love an acknowledgement system matrix. Review this example and reflect on ways to refresh your school-wide system this spring. We particularly like how this example includes ideas on how substitutes and custodians can be part of the plan!

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