School leaders in the Dyer County School District have joined the ranks of districts investing time to implement RTI2-A + RTI2-B. Located in rural Northwest Tennessee, their eight schools have a combined population of 3,750 students and 230 teachers. The district recognized the importance of using data to make important decisions about students while implementing RTI2-B in 2016.

In partnership with Tennessee TSC and under the direction of Emily Morgan, Dyer County school leaders have extended their previous work by participating in trainings to learn how to better align their academic and behavioral data. They now meet monthly and are effectively bringing together academic and behavioral data to make important decisions to meet the various needs of their students. 

Additionally, Dyer County School District has challenged itself to better engage families and the community by sharing how the district is increasing academic achievement and decreasing behavioral issues for all students. 

The district is on its way to meeting this challenge! Last fall, the district hosted a back-to-school event on the high school football field. Each school set up a booth and displayed its schoolwide expectations so families and students knew what was expected of them on their school’s campus. Schools handed out brochures for families that further defined the schoolwide expectations for each location in their buildings and explained how students would be acknowledged for following those expectations. Families also had the opportunity to meet and speak with their child’s teacher and principal.  

This districtwide social event provided food, drinks, games, and a time for students to come together and get reacquainted after the summer break. It was a great way to begin the new school year, especially because families, students, and community leaders attended. The district plans to make this kick-off event a tradition on each of their school campuses in the years to come – what a fabulous way to gain the support of all key collaborators! Way to go Dyer County! This is an excellent way to kick-off a new school year.