Partners in Education Conference Review
We were able to showcase the amazing work of our school and district partners at the PIE Conference last month.
If you were not able to attend, we have materials from our PIE presentations on our COVID-19 website which you can view by clicking here: Stronger Together: Highlighting School Examples and Family and Community Engagement.

SOR/MOD recognition  

We are still celebrating from the PIE Conference and think you should too! Please feel free to share this video highlighting the accomplishments our schools across the state have made in RTI2-B! 

For those school who were recognized School of Recognition or Model of Demonstration, we will be mailing School of Recognition Certificates and Model of Demonstration School Banners to your district. We are working with District Coordinators to make sure they are delivered to your schools. Start thinking about where to hang them!  

February Implementor Spotlight

Crestview Elementary was looking for ways to better inform families about RTI2-B, so Amy Duncan and her team made an informational video to share.

Click here to learn more about how you can do it at your school!



The Center on PBIS created a brief on how to integrate a Trauma-Informed Approach within the PBIS Framework. Click here to read about specific strategies you can incorporate into your RTI2-B plan.

Curious about how to better involve your students in your Tier I plan? Review the following Practice Briefs in our Student Involvement Series: What is Student Involvement, Meaningful Involvement, Student Leadership Teams, Working with Students, and Focus Groups. Download these from the Student Leadership section of our Tier I Resources Page.


RTI2-B Staff Survey

During the month of February, we invite all of our schools to have all faculty and staff complete the Primary Intervention Rating Scale (PIRS). We encourage each of our schools to get as many school staff as possible to complete it so the RTI2-B team can use the information to inform their Tier I plan for the 2021-2022 school year. To learn more about the PIRS and its use in planning, click here.



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