In our previous newsletters, have encouraged you to go ‘back to basics’ in your implementation of RTI2-B this school year.

As your team continues strengthening your positive, predictable, and safe learning environments, we encourage you to take some time this month to review all the data you have collected in the past quarter and plan for your semester to come.




As districts continue to quickly move between hybrid, all-remote and all in-person classes, it can feel overwhelming for school staff. Here is an article with tips for school staff to plan for the changes that may occur this semester.

During this uncertain time, it is important to emphasize staff wellness. We have included resources here to aid in staff wellness and support during the school year. Self-care also includes simple things you can do throughout the day. Read this article for reminders on how to create your own self-care plan.

As we prepare for winter break, it is important to think about how to reconnect with our students and families when we return to school in January. Review our resources to build relationships with students here for ideas you can use to continue your positive school climate next semester. Click here for resources on how to strengthen family and community engagement while following public health considerations.

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