In our previous newsletters, have encouraged you to go ‘back to basics’ in your implementation of RTI2-B this school year.

As your team continues strengthening your positive, predictable, and safe learning environments, we encourage you to take some time this month to review all the data you have collected in the past quarter and plan for your semester to come.


After completing the TFI, remember to complete an Action Plan for each tier focusing on the basics; supporting students and staff, monitoring your plan, teaching expected behavior to students, and screening students to learn who may need additional support.

Each Fall, we recommend RTI2-B school leadership teams complete the Tiered Fidelity Inventory 2.1 with their District RTI2-B Coach, RTI2-B District Coordinator, or TBSP Consultant. You should complete the TFI for all tiers you are implementing. To learn more about conducting the TFI, click here to watch a brief video, then visit our Team Login page to access our TFI resources for both Tier I and Tier II.

As you complete the TFI, use each tier’s TFI Action Planning Form to document next steps that are discussed with your team to better meet your school’s needs. Using this form helps organize what needs to be done, who is responsible, and when each task will be completed to ensure updates to your plan occur.




As districts continue to quickly move between hybrid, all-remote, and all in-person classes, it can feel overwhelming for school staff. Here is an article with tips for school staff to plan for the changes that may occur this semester.