We are proud of how you are supporting your students, families, and staff, and we are committed to being the best partners we can be throughout the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. Now that we are in the final quarter of the year, our newsletter is focused on involving stakeholders and evaluating your interventions.

RTI2-B Implementation

We recently held a Tier III TFI Training for members of the district team and team leads who complete the TFI without a district coach.

If you would like to review these materials before your Spring TFI, click on the box marked “Data Tools” on the unlocked Tier III page of our website.

Email your TBSP Consultant or RTI2-B District Coordinator if you would like to view the recording!

Success Stories

We are showcasing the work of RTI2-B teams, schools, and districts across Middle Tennessee through various platforms such as social media and our website. Be sure to follow us @TBSPVanderbilt on Twitter and Facebook, and review the Success Stories page on our website for ideas you can use!

Do you wish your school was represented after reading these? So do we! Please share your Success Story with us by completing this form. We would love to highlight you!


SOR/MOD Recognition  


Last month we mailed RTI2-B Model of Demonstration School Banners and School of Recognition Certificates to your district. We are working with District Coordinators to make sure they are delivered to recognized schools. Please share a photo with us when you hang them!


April Implementor Spotlight

This summer, the team at Springdale Elementary in Wilson County made a commitment to creating a school-wide plan to meet the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of their students while ensuring the entire faculty was involved in creating and implementing the plan. They have seen positive results and deserve to be celebrated!

Click here to learn more about their dedication to meeting their students’ needs through their Tier I plan.



Before you start planning for next year, it is time to take inventory of the resources currently in place to meet the needs of your students. Whether you work at the district or a school, our post on Resource Mapping will help you organize all of your supports and interventions. This allows your team to prioritize what to continue providing next year and better determine what additional supports and interventions should be considered.

Spring is a time to review the effectiveness of your plan, and stakeholder input is a critical part of your comprehensive annual review. Your school received your PIRS Report last week, but staff input is just one type. Read this post on Stakeholder Involvement to learn about a variety of ways to gather input from students and families. We have specific examples and resources you can begin using today!

The Family Engagement Project from The Arc TN is a regional team that supports schools and families in special education. If your school or district is working to improve family engagement, this team can help with that process. Review this overview of their services and team for more information.



The end of the year is an important time to make sure all stakeholders are aware of the success of your schools. The school board is an important group of stakeholders that should not be overlooked. Use this guide to adapt our example school board presentation as a way to promote RTI2-B and share areas of success. Invite members of the RTI2-B teams to highlight the great work being done by all of their schools to promote a positive school climate!

Public Health Guidelines have impacted how schools are able to implement interventions that are typically in-person. Our post on Mentoring explains strategies to incorporate technology and includes The National Mentoring Resource Center’s recommendations on delivering a meaningful experience to students during the pandemic. We also list steps your school can take to establish a mentoring program.


Universal behavior screener data can be used by teams across all three tiers. This is just one piece of data, but it can be used along with other pieces of data to determine the effectiveness of your Tier I plan, clarify areas of need for interventions, and help identify students for additional support. Ensure your team is prepared by reading our post on Using SRSS-IE Data at end of the year.

We will continue sending resources, school examples, and reminders through this mailing, but please reach out so we can support you in other ways. If you would like to review our previous newsletters, please click here, and bookmark our COVID-19 Response page here.

Your TBSP team member is available to answer questions, provide resources specific to the needs of your school, and brainstorm how to strengthen your implementation plans. Please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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